We are convinced that the best ingredient to breed a showjumper, is a strong maternal line. Through selection year after year, we have managed to build our own dam line.

Ninety percent of our horses is related to eachother via their damline. With this way of breeding, we stay close to the kind of horse we want to breed. We saw and knew every horse in our line and that gives us the knowledge to make the perfect combination with a stallion.

We want to keep and improve the quality that our mares already have. With quality we mean a conformation that is suitable for showjumping, scope, elastique, intelligence and most important: the willing to jump and to be careful at the same time. We also think that health is a high priority for a showjumper. We select health through X-raying and by using solid stallions and mares. A strong, healthy horse guarantuees a longer showjumping career.

Training & stabling

We provide several services for customers

-stabling for foals and young horses
-breeding advice
-showing horses
-preparing for stallion and mare shows

Keuring Ede Veulens Quality Kid Zangersheide

We have years of experience in training and showing horses. From the moment on when they are born, our horses get the best education, attention and training they can get. Our three year old horses are showed at the mare or stallion inspection for the studbook. Showing a horse at the studbook inspection takes a lot of preparation and training. We can offer you a dedicated preperation for your horse to be showed at one of the studbook inspections.

The preparation and training for studbook inspection are also a good base for the rest of the training of the young horses. We can train your horse and make it ready for a showjumping carreer. Also showing the horse at competitions is one of the possibilities.

Every year we have room for some young horses to grow up together with horses in the same age. The young horses get a lot of attention and are being checked and taken care of daily.

For more information about the services stated above or other possibilities, feel free to contact us.


Our breeding started in 1946 with the purchase of the Hanoverian mare K.Torette. This mare had amazing jumping abilities. K.Torette was covered by the stallion Hertog van Gelre. Hertog van Gelre was bred by Wim van Dam’s father. The combination with K.Torette brought the first foal, a mare named Adorette. Together with Adorette, Wim van Dam competed in showjumping. They won the puissance in Meppel twice. The second foal was the mare Bistro, the mare where our damline started. Bistro’s father was the French-American trotter Peter Spencer.

Papa Historie

Riding career Wim van Dam

Wim van Dam started his career as a dressage rider. He achieved several high placements at national level. After the dressage he switched to eventing and showjumping. He became European Champion Eventing in 1957 with his own bred Sunlight. Wim van Dam got selected to participate in the Dutch team at the Olympics in Rome and Tokyo.

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